How to Find the Right Pre-Owned Car Dealership

Posted Tuesday, Jul 25, 2023


There are countless car dealerships available on the market. However, it can be difficult to determine which of them is worth doing business with. Finding a reliable and customer-centric used car dealership can be challenging when all most dealerships care about is meeting their monthly sales quota. Thankfully, you can find a good used car dealer with the tips below. Read on to learn how to find a good used car dealership.

How to Find a Good Used Car Dealership

Research Online

Conducting extensive online research is one of the best strategies for finding a good used car dealer. First, type 'used car dealership near me' on your search engine. You will be presented with countless search results of used car dealers in the area. Now you want to visit each car dealership's website, preferably the ones on search results' first and second page, and evaluate their offerings.

Next, write down the names of the dealerships that appeal to you the most. Once you have a list of the top dealerships, you can conduct in-depth research on each dealership's offerings to find one that best fits your needs and requirements. Pay attention to the quality of their websites and online pages and how much effort they have put into them. Look for customer comments and reviews on their website or social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.


This will offer valuable insight into the dealership's previous customers' experience and give you a good idea of the quality of their services. You can also go the extra mile and call the dealership's customer service agents to speak to them about their offerings and get answers to any queries you may have. This will reduce your chances of suffering fraud and empower you to take a well-versed decision.

Word of Mouth

Although online testimonials and customer reviews can offer valuable information on a used car dealership's service quality, you must not completely rely on them to make a final decision. Instead, use other research methods, like asking your friends and family for referrals on used car dealerships.


This will allow you to get genuine and unbiased reviews and get accurate insight into the offerings of a used car dealership. When inquiring individuals in your circle about a dealership, make sure to ask them the following questions:


  • What did you think about the charges of the dealership?
  • What are your views on the after-sales service of the dealership?
  • How was the attitude of the dealership's staff towards you?
  • Does the dealership offer financing options?
  • Would you buy from the dealership again?
  • Was the dealership transparent about the pricing structure and vehicle condition?
  • Did you face any issues during or after purchasing? If yes, how quickly were they addressed?
  • What is your top reason for recommending this dealership to me?



Transparent pricing is a tell-tale sign of a good dealership. Reputable dealerships prioritize customer satisfaction, and offering affordable prices is a great way to achieve this. A good strategy to evaluate the prices of a dealership is to request price quotes and detailed breakdowns of the costs, including registration fees, taxes, and any other additional costs.


Once you have the price structure, take your time to evaluate it and ensure you are receiving a fair deal. A fraud dealership will not offer detailed price structures and will almost always have hidden costs within their car prices. You want to steer clear of such used car dealerships.


A used car dealership inventory can also tell you whether it's good and worth shopping from. A good dealership that has managed to create a broad customer base will always have an extensive inventory of vehicles. The dealership will prioritize expanding its inventory to ensure they cater to all customers' demands and have something for every type of customer regardless of their preferred brand, mileage requirements, condition, and price. Hence, you will find many used vehicles available at a good dealership.


Additionally, a good dealership will ensure customers find the car they are looking for, even if it is unavailable in their inventory. A reputable dealership website will have features like a car finder that allows customers to find the vehicle they want.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Used Car Dealership

As discussed above, asking questions and talking to a dealership representative can offer valuable insight into whether you should do business with them. Below is a list of questions that you must ask a dealerships customer sales representatives to ensure a well-informed decision:


  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you have any customer testimonials or reviews that I can read?
  • Give me one reason why I should pick you as my go-to dealership?
  • Do you offer auto financing?
  • Can I get a detailed price structure of the vehicle I like?
  • Are you offering any promotions or special deals?
  • What is the dealership's policy or route of action if a customer is satisfied with your services?
  • How do you handle customer complaints?
  • How would you rate your customer support from one to ten?
  • Do you provide a vehicle history report?
  • Do you offer a test drive?
  • Do your vehicle's get maintenance or inspections when they first come into the dealership?
  • How long will the purchasing process take?
  • Do you perform vehicle upgrades or customizations? If yes, what is the pricing mechanism?


These questions will empower you to evaluate a dealership's service quality and reputation and determine its commitment to customer satisfaction.

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