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How rising depreciation will affect the used-vehicle market

Last year's depreciation rates were relatively low thanks to several factors that simply can't last forever. The rate is expected to grow this year, which will affect the used-vehicle market.

Mazda's next-gen engine may signal U.S. pricing strategy

Mazda's Skyactiv-X roll out in Japan foreshadows how the high-tech offering is playing into the carmaker's global strategy to lift its brand image and pricing power.

GM defense unit gets new leaders, stays quiet on plans

GM has remained in stealth mode a year and a half after re-establishing its defense unit. What is known is that the new leadership team will be responsible for launching several hydrogen fuel cell-powered products.

Uber, Lyft need to show profits

Ride-hailing giants Uber and Lyft have transformed transportation, but they need new business models to show profits.

Lithia acquires high-volume Honda store

The acquisition of Hamilton Honda in Hamilton Township, which included real estate, expands Lithia's presence in New Jersey and near eastern Pennsylvania and adds one of the nation's highest-volume Honda stores to its portfolio.